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Can I change between varities/flavours?

Absolutely! Dogs like variety just as much as we do. Notice though if your dog(s) have a preference for certain flavours so you always give them their favourites.

What would you recommend I feed if I need my dog to be having low fat food?

There are lovely recipes for dogs that need to avoid certain fats, need to lose weight, or need to control weight. Please message us for more details!

What is the shelf life once opened?

A good 2-3 months. Make sure the opened bag is folded down tightly and in a cool dark cupboard away from anything that may contaminate the open food.

Can I mix Hawkersbeau Gundog food with wet food?

Absolutely you can! Make sure you make the right calculations for daily consumption when you combine them both. We find soaking the biscuits in warm water first then adding the wet food, makes for a particularly nice combination.

What is your recommendation for an older dog? 

There is a senior range to help support ageing bones and muscles, along with weight control where exercise levels may be lower.

How do I switch from puppy to adult food?

Simply replace a quarter of your regular food with the new food for a few days and then increase to half and so on. By the end of the week you will have transitioned over nicely, and then just allow another week for tummies to settle and it will then be their new normal.

How do you introduce your dog to HBGD food?


If you are using the same brand of puppy food and are simply transitioning to adult, you can make this switch straight away as the ingredients are similar, they just different mineral contents for an adult dog. If you are transitioning from a different puppy brand to our adult food, then a gradual fading out of the puppy food into the adult food is a great way to this.

Where do you deliver to? 

Currently we deliver anywhere within the United Kindgom.

Do you offer smaller packs to purchase?

There are ways to purchase smaller packs but this would need to be discussed with us.

Please contact us via the "chat" option or to discuss this.

Can I cancel my order?


Due to the next day delivery this can be tricky. If you message us within an hour of placing your order, we should be able to cancel your order. 

Once your item has been dispatched we are, unfortunately, unable to cancel.

Do you do samples of HBGD food?


We are able to provide samples upon request.

Please contact us via the "chat" option or to discuss this.

Is the packaging of HBGD food sustainable?


Yes, Our bags are made from compostable materials.


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All dogs are different and the guidelines should be adapted to take into account breed, age, temperament, activity level of the individual dog. When changing foods please introduce gradually over a period of two weeks. Always ensure fresh clean water is available.

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